Well I hope all is well with you.  I actually just attended the final night of the Fall Prophecy Conference at our Church in Coshocton, Ohio.  It has been a great conference.  All I have to say is that you better be ready for the Rapture, because He is coming back!  I had just got out of Church and figured I'd head to the office and check a few e-mails before the work week starts tomorrow.  It has been a busy weekend at Olinger Beagle Kennels.  On Friday I sold a pup to the Six Pack gang in West Virginia (John Hill & Bob Syrews).  On Saturday I had a fellow coming in from New York to look at some pups out of IFC Greenbay Butkus and CH GRHBCH Olinger's Polly Wanna Wabbit.  Dave Kipp, showed up in the early afternoon to look at some pups.  He looked at a couple of females that I still have for sale.  The females headed over to the kennel where my other hounds are kenneled.  It was there that he saw "Big Dan".  He said he really liked the looks of "Big Dan" and wanted to know if he was for sale.  I told him everything in the kennel is for sale, all except 3 hounds (Polly, Sadie, and Manny).  He said he was interested in him and wanted to see him run.  About two hours later and 3 good chases in the hat, he said that "Big Dan" would be staying in his box and would be headed back to New York.  I was pretty much kicking myself in the pants because Dan looked VERY impressive.  However, I am happy to say and know in my heart I sold Dave a good hound.  It makes you feel very good about yourself as a person, breeder, owner, etc. when you sell a good hound to someone.  Not only does it make you look good, but people realize that you are selling quality hounds and the word will travel fast.  4 adult hounds over the past year, Ringer, Chubbs, Little Anne, and now Big Dan.  Ringer is in Kentucky with an AKC gentleman that absolutley loves him.  Anne is in West Virginia with a gun hunter,  Chubbs is in Holmes county with a gun hunter, and Big Dan is now in New York with a trial/gun hunter.  It was rather funny when Dave and I returned back to our house.  I had told him Manny was not for sale, but he wanted to play a joke on my wife.  He told me to tell her I had sold Manny to him for a grand.  So I went into the house and told her that I had sold Manny and she instantly got a bad look on her face and said "NO YOU DIDN'T"! LOL ..........I know where I would be spending my nights at if I did such a thing, and I'll be the first to tell you it wouldn't be inside.  On another note, if you are looking or have been looking for a quality pup, I truly believe that the two crosses that I have made are great ones.  I have 2 females and one male still for sale out of IFC Greenbay Butkus x CH GRHBCH Olinger's Polly Wanna Wabbit, and am taking bookings on a litter that is due mid October out of WSHOWCH GRCH HBCH 'PR" C&K's Let's Roll Rockin' Rowdy x HBCH CH Olinger's Singing Sadie.


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