Manny, Ringer, and Smoke after a run on 6-16-10
Well summer running has oficially begun.  Sadie is showing signs that she is pregnant.  You can see all the details of each hound on both my females page under Sadie and under the News in the Kennel section for information on Striker. She was bred to GRCH GRHBCH White River Rambling Striker which is directly out of Fire River Michael and White River Lulu.  The picture above was taken yesterday evening (Wednesday,6-16-2010) after a nice run with my three young males.  These fellas are very enjoyable to listen to.  The three of them together make for a great pack.  Speed and line control make for chases with very few breakdowns!  The rabbit population seems to be up in several of the areas that I run around home and Coshocton County.  My Manny dog (far left in the photo) brought me back a live baby rabbit last week, and I also caught a baby rabbit a couple of days ago. (Makes for a good photo I guess).  I have been running quite a bit since completing my Master's Degree.  I plan on attending a couple of hunts in the near future and breaking out some of my new arsenal :-)  I plan on running in the Tri-Tronics Triple Crown and possibly going to West Virginia July 3rd and 4th for a couple of hunts, including a World Qualifier.  I have only ran in one hunt this year thus far, but plan on getting back out and onto the trial scence.  I also plan on running some ARHA/NKC Little Pack and Progressive Pack Hunts, as well as UKC Hound and Hunter and Performance Pack, and some AKC Derby Trials. 



06/18/2010 01:58

Looks like you went home and gave them all a bath, before you took that picture. Thats what you get when you run with that old fart and his Muddpudlin dogs. LOL

07/26/2010 21:40

Them pups you have are mighty fine lookin. How much you askin for? I tell ya.... they look like a hell of a fine dog at such an early age...and must be one hell of a dog to be sponsored by nike. I'll buy one for 750.

05/31/2012 10:44

Nice one info, thx


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