Still substitute teaching this week and it is currently my planning period, so I have plenty of time to get on here and update my blog while I wait to go to my next class to teach.  I ran my dogs last night after gettting home from teaching and getting the firewood in the basement stocked up.  I am excited about late winter/spring running where those buck rabbits like to run long and deep.  I ran the two pups yesterday (Manny & Smoke).  Manny ran two different rabbits and did a nice job.  Smoke continued to go with Manny, but is just not sure about everything that is going on.  I am still waiting to get him to a starting pen, but am sure that it is not hurting him any by having him "tag" along.  There was still plenty of snow on where I ran yesterday.  After picking up the young dogs, I turned Sadie and Polly loose.  They jumped and ran one rabbit right at dark.  Before running to a hole, the rabbit ran right up to me on the path I was standing on, turned around and ran about ten yards back the same path and hopped into a nice big rock pile.  Obviously the track ended there.  It was already getting rather dark, and the Amish man that has scouting cameras out told me to watch for coyotes because they have been getting pictures of them just about every night on the same farm that I ran last evening.  With that said, I will be carrying a gun/pistol from now on just in case I get to see one of those sly predators sneaking around in the brush trying to catch a rabbit or even one of my dogs! 


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