Yes, you read right.  I finally proposed to the girl of my dreams on Christmas Eve.  Jenny and I have been dating since I was a sophomore in high school, which was almost 9 years ago.  My family (and Jenny's) had been teasing me for quite some time now.  Like I said, I ended up proposing on Christmas Eve at my parent's house after coming home from a family Christmas gather at my paternal grandparents.  Jenny had no idea that I was going to propose.  It caught her off guard.  My mother, father, grandmother, the jeweler, and Jenny's mom all new that I was going to get engaged.  I asked Jenny's mother for her "permission" to marry her daughter, and she told me that I already knew the answer to the question.  I actually had to call her on her cell phone while she was shopping for groceries for Christmas dinner.  (This explains why she forgot so many things (ingredients, milk, etc. for Christmas dinner).  I let my brother's know literally about an hour before actually asking Jenny to marry me.  You may be asking yourself why I had to let all of these people know that I was planning on proposing on Christmas Eve.  Well here's why.  Earlier in the week, I put up Christmas lights on my parents home (the place where I was planning on proposing).  I had also went to Schlabach Wood Design, which is where I worked during the summers while going to Ohio State.  They make custom design cabinetry (Amish).  At Schlabach Wood, they have a CNC router which is a computerized router.  I had them use a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, then had them cut out "Jenny, Will You Marry Me" on it.  I was going to set this up in the yard so that when we pulled into my parent's driveway after the party, she would see it.  So you can see that this was going to take some time.  I also planned on setting up 100 plus luminaries.  So, this was all going to take some time setting up before Jenny and I arrived back at my house.  Now you probably all understand why I had to fill in my brothers, etc.  When Jenny and I pulled into my parent's driveway that Christmas Eve night, I was SO EXCITED.  When Jenny was finally able to read the sign she asked, "Are you serious?  I just smiled.  We pulled in the drive, and everyone filed out of the house to gather around the sign that had spotlights projecting through the cutouts in the 4' 8' sheet of plywood (this allowed Jenny to read it from a distance).  I got out of the truck and grabbed the ring box that was wrapped in Christmas gift wrap.  Jenny and I walked over into the front of the sign (by this time she was crying :-)  She unwrapped the ring and I got down on one knee with the ring.  If any of you know Jenny, you can probably guess what she said when I asked her to marry me.  "She replied, 'let me think about this, NO.....and she smiled and laughed and then said yes!  We are both VERY excited to be getting married.  As of right now we are planning on getting married on the beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in late June to early July, with a reception to follow a week or two later back in Coshocton! 


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