Yes, you heard right.  I have completed my twelve weeks of Student Teaching in both a seventh grade Social Studies and Science classroom.  I had a wonderful experience.  Jenny and I will be graduating this Saturday with our Master of Arts Degree in Education.  We are very thrilled and excited to be done.  The process for interviewing for jobs has already begun.  I put my faith in God that he has a job for me.  I know he knows best.  I have bred my Sadie female (HBCH CH Olinger's Singing Sadie) to GRCH GRHBCH WHITE RIVER RAMBLING STRIKER (which is directly out of Fire River Michael x White River Lulu).  I am very excited about this cross.  Sadie's pedigree can be seen on the Females page.  All you have to do is click on the link that reads "Sadie's Pedigree" and it will pop up.  Sadie is Arnold's Little Chip bred on top and Cherry Hill Red Chief on the bottom side.  Pups will be due the first part of July.  A link to Striker's full pedigree can be found under the "News in the Kennel Page"  Striker is owned by Chad Annon of Grafton, West Virginia.
            My three young males are doing an excellent job right now.  Manny, which is my pup out of Rambling Crook just turned a year old and may begin being trialed this summer.  He has super line control with upper medium/fast speed on the track with a HUGE bawl mouth.  Smoke, which is my pup (10 months) out of White River Tuff E Nuff is also doing a really nice job.  He hunts very hard and gets into the thick stuff.  He definitely knows how to find a rabbit.  He goes hunting when you cut him loose.  My third pup that I am working with is my pup out of McKee's Dusty Bottom Blizzard which is Olde Bad Cliff bred.  The dam's side is all Patch breeding.  This pup was sent to the starting pen at 4 months and 3 weeks old.  Ringer, as I call him, was sight chasing when we left the Circle "H" Starting Pen owned by the Hummell's.  I put him down two times with Manny and the second time he was out with him I began to here him open.  Now at a little over six months old he goes hunting and will jump and solo his own rabbit.  He has a HUGE DEEP BAWL mouth and runs with his head up.  He is RABBIT CRAZY.  Earlier Sunday evening I had the three young males out.  My Smoke (Tuff x Swampland's Bluee Jessie) pup and my Manny (Rambling Crook) pup were in a THICK dozer pile that they had worked a rabbit into.  The Ringer pup was up getting ready to stick his nose into the pile in order to start working his way in there and out shot a rabbit, almost hitting him directly in the face.  Boy was the chase on.  Before the other two dogs that were in the dozer pile could get out and figure out what was going on, Ringer had half-circled the rabbit already.  I am very excited about these three pups.  Ringer is just as beautiful a pup than one could ever want.  He is all muscled up and has a really nice big blocky, hound looking head and is marked beautifullyy too.  I guess I owe it to my girlfriend, Jenny, and Max Thornsley, and Chuck Wright for allowing me to have such a nice pup! 
             My younger brother is finishing up his Track and Field season at The Ohio State University.  He just had the Big Ten Championships in Bloomington, Indiana, where he ran the 3000 Meter Steeplechase and finished ninth!  My oldest brother Brian, who runs professionally for Reebok, ran the fourth fastest time this year in the world in the 3000 Meter Steeplechase at Stanford.  So, as you can see it has definitely been an exciting spring in the Olinger family.  Until next time, Keep them Hounds a Runnin'!


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