Well, it's been awhile since my last post.  In late July I took a job working on a federally funded campaign called "Connect Your Community."  I am teaching Computer and Internet classes to the general public.  Most of our students consist of middle-aged adults to senior citizens.  Jenny and I have been working on the new kennel.  Work the last couple of weeks has been hectic, so we are still trying to get it finished up.  My younger brother, Christopher, helped me on it this last Sunday evening for awhile.  All that is left to do is finish wiring.  It's actually the slowest part of the job, but if you take your time, you are obviously going to get a nicer finished product.  The pups are getting big and will be twelve weeks old this Sunday.  I believe I am going to hold onto all of them since there are only three.  All three pups are built very well and are VERY outgoing and bold.  I am excited to get them started.  Hopefully here in the next couple of months I will be able to begin getting them started.  Bow season officially started last weekend, and I have yet to hunt.  I purchased a new bow back in early August, and actually shot it for the first time last weekend.  I have not been to any trials since the "Tri-Tronics Triple Crown" back in late June.  To be honest I do not "miss" trialing all that much.  The main reason I got into hounds was to rabbit hunt, and that has even changed in the last three years.  I mainly enjoy cutting my hounds loose and listening to them run.  Well, I believe that is all for this entry, because I really have no new and exciting information.  I am still running dogs at every chance that I get, which is usually 3 or 4 days a week.  I am finally starting to get into somewhat of a regular schedule at work, so will be able to start running more and more. 

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