This post finds me sitting behind the desk at school today.  I am substitute teaching all week for the same teacher which is a nice change of pace.  Usually it is a different teacher daily, and you have no idea what to expect from one day to the next.  However, my plans have been layed out for me for the entire week, so I know what I am going to be doing.  This is my planning period, and planning period for a sub is great because obviously I have nothing to plan because this is not formal classroom.  I had a great weekend.  Got to spend some quality time with my girlfriend of eight years, Jenny, as well as spend some time with my brother, Brian, his wife, Jamie, and their daughter, Marley Grace.  She just turned two months old a couple weeks ago.  I also had a great weekend of pup training with my Smoke pup (White River Tuff E Nuff x Swampland's Blue Jessie and my Manny pup which is out of Rambling Crook.  Manny is starting to come on strong and seems to run a track in the snow pretty well for a nine month old pup.  My Smoke pup finally opened yesterday on a sight chase.  I love spending time in the field with my hounds.  Sadie and Polly may take a back seat for awhile until I get these pups going really good.  I will continue running them enough to keep them in good shape!  I plan on attending my first ARHA Little Pack Hunt in Farmerstown, Ohio which is only about a twenty minute drive for me.  I know the Amish man that is the head of the club pretty well.  I look forward to trying a new format and meeting some new people! 


02/01/2010 07:26

Hey it's looking good. Sent Jen a message on facebook, have to ask her what I said. LOL

02/04/2010 02:54

Hoe you can shoot as good, as you say your working so hard.

02/04/2010 04:43

I know....Working so hard takes a lot of my strength. I doubt i would be able to shoot as good as in the past, because it requires a lot of strength to hold that gun steady. lol

09/08/2012 09:09

will be restored soon

09/24/2012 16:43

THX for info


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