Well, I guess if you are a frequent visitor to my site, you probably already know that I have started my student teaching this week.  I have twelve weeks of student teaching to complete and then I will have my Master's in Middle Childhood Education (Instruction).  The snow is beginning to melt finally.  We still have a foot or more in some places.  I turned the dogs loose this evening for about forty five minutes or so.  They jumped one rabbit and ran it straight to the neighbor's wood pile again.  During prime running times I usually do not run around home.  However, with all the snow on I am quite aware I am not going to get very good running, so I just turn my dogs loose here.  The rabbits around home are very smart.  The running that I normall get is straight to either a culvert under the road or to the neighbor's wood pile.  However, next weekend is the Ohio State Hunting Beagle State Race Runoff!  Polly is definitley not ran up, and I cannot imagine that many dogs in the state of Ohio are.  I have been running between two and three times a week, but the tracking has been horrible!  However, it has probably been a good workout for the dogs s


Amos Slade
03/10/2010 20:07

Don't get to down. My farm hasn't been to go for running either. All this snow is just killing the tracks. I enjoyed reading your site, and I think it a premier site in the beagler community. Good luck at your Ohio State Hunting Beagle State Race runoff. Sounds like Polly will hold her own. Keep posting and God Bless!

Chuck Wright
03/25/2010 15:47

Mr. Olinger
The i enjoyed reading your web and it looks like your pup has made himself at home.some time you want to run dogs give me a call. I just sent in for the UKC papers I'll let you know when i get them.

Chuck Wright

04/07/2010 19:48

Thanks Chuck,
I guess you can see how often I have been visiting my site. I will give you a call soon. I have been trying to get my females whipped back into shape before Nationals that is in a week and a half. I'll give you a call soon! Thanks, for the pup! He is at the starting pen this week!

Chuck Wright
04/18/2010 18:23

Hello Jason
How that puppy doing. Did you do any good at the nationals. Hope you had a good time. I was out Saturday for a while. I got your UKC papers for your puppy.give me a call some time.

05/18/2010 15:43

havent heard much from you on the message board lately whats up? If your blue maybe a poem from jumpdog will do!


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