What an evening.  I called Jenny on my way home from teaching today and told her that I was going to run dogs tonight because I might not be able to for the next few days with the big snow strom that is coming in tomorrow morning/afternoon.  I had to go to the bank and pay a bill and Jenny needed go to the bank as well.  Well once all this was done we headed to the house and loaded up the dogs.  Manny and Smoke on one side and Polly and Sadie on the other.  Manny has not been run with my two females that much due to the fact that they are rather fast and he is still pretty young, however, I wanted to turn them all loose because I did not have much time to run.  Polly struck on the first rabbit and boy was it a runner.  Jenny and I saw the rabbit three or four times before it ended up seeking refuge in an old, abandoned house in the middle of the woods.  Manny held his own, pulling some really nice checks to keep the track going.  He did not seem to get pressured and ran "his track."  We were out for about a half an hour and Jenny said she was already cold and that she wanted to get in the truck and go to my Grandma and Grandpa Olinger's in Chili, Ohio which was only a mile or so away.  (We could see there house from the hilltop we were running on).  For the next forty-five minutes I had to listen to here complain about being so cold.  I told her to "suck it up" because I was here to run and listen to my dogs for awhile.  On the walk back to the truck, she mentioned that if we ever get married and have children that she hoped for a son so that he could run dogs with me because it is just not her cup of tea.  I do believe she does enjoy going with me, but I understand that we will not always have the same interests.  Thank God she likes shooting her Pink Camoflauge Remington 597 .22 Long Rifle that I bought her a couple years ago for her birthday.  She really enjoys shooting this and plinking the spinning target that I bought for her to shoot at.  Overall, it was very enjoyable to have her with me while I ran dogs tonight.  She sat the last rabbit chase out.  She ended up sitting in the truck with the heater blowing and her laptop on her lap playing in Microsoft Paint.  Oh well, it was a great evening and I enjoyed her company for sure!


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