Well the snow continues to fall today here in good ol' Fresno, Ohio.  However it is a light snow.  We had probably close to an inch of accumulation last night.  Christopher ran well for the Buckeyes last night in Akron.  His time was fourteen minutes, 33 seconds (14:33)  After the meet Christopher ended up back at our house for the evening, being it is only an hour drive from our home to Akron.  This was the closest of all his meets.  So last night after the race we got to sit around and talk.  His girlfriend, Ashleigh, myself, my girlfriend Jenny, my mom and dad, and my grandmother all made the trip to Akron last evening.  I am started to get a little Cabin Fever.  I have not actually had the dogs out of the kennels to actually go running in a little over a week.  I guess I have turned them loose a couple of times and ran them here at the house, but with all this snow on tracking is very difficult.  For a couple of weeks now I had hoped to attend my first ARHA Little Pack hunt today, but with all this snow I decided to stay home instead.  I guess I will wait "patiently" for the snow to melt and Spring to arrive.  I am excited about breeding my two females this spring when they come into heat.  It has been  a long journey on trying to figure out what stud's would compliment each dog the best.  I am pretty sure I have my stud picked for my Sadie dog, but am not sure what I will be breeding my Polly dog to.  Being the first time breeding either one of my dogs, I just want to make sure that I am making a good choice.  I sometimes wonder if other beaglers have as hard of time as I have eliminating studs and eventually deciding on which stud will be the best for each female.  I

02/14/2010 12:50

what dog are breeding sadie to?

Jason Olinger
02/14/2010 15:04

That will be TOP secret for another week or two hahaha.....I will let the guessing game go ahead and begin!

02/28/2010 08:08

Hope you get snow relief. Wish we had some of it. Good looking hounds.
Pop Moore


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